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Today I carded 90 rolags to get ready for my class next week at the Prairie Fibre Festival! Why 90? Because Murphy's Law states that if I don't prepare enough fibre for all 30 available seats, they will all be filled. So since I have prepared fibre for all 30 seats, I will only have five students! (Come learn about spinning woollen and worsted at 1 PM, or learn about approaching a new spinning fibre at 3 PM!) ... See MoreSee Less

Five years ago, I bought a little kit at Make1 in Calgary (no longer operating) in support of the penguin exhibit at the Calgary Zoo. I know this because I found the receipt in the lovely penguin project bag. But because I almost always knit big things, I have little context for how long a small thing takes. I have put off knitting the kit. Until now. A lunch hour, two breaks, and two two-hour evenings, and I have a penguin. Moral of the story: head may know, but heart needs the experience. Must knit more small things. Also need more practice seaming... ... See MoreSee Less

Fascinating look at how scientists and conservationists are studying ancient textiles! ... See MoreSee Less

In the latest episode of our conservation series, Scientist Diego investigates the dyes used on this 8th-century Chinese embroidery. By taking small samples of the fibres, he will be able to discover ...

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