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A Tale of Four Nights

Monday night: Attended a workshop at the library with the Regional Writer-In-Residence on publishing options available to modern writers. A really fantastic night. The WiR is really personable, down-to-earth, and had lots of great information about the industry as it stands now. When she talked about her books, it just made me want to read them. She also had a great attitude about writing, namely, “If you write, you’re a writer. You don’t say to a weekend warrior, ‘If you aren’t training for the Olympics, you’re not a runner.'” Saw an old friend there and caught up. She said that when I talked about the knitting/spinning/writing dynamic, my face lit up and it was clear that this was something I was passionate about. Felt good.

Tuesday night: North End Knitting Night. It looked like I might be the only one there from the replies on Rav, but it turned out there was one other person, whom I haven’t seen in a long time. It was great to catch up, and I helped her with a mitten thumb and the instructions on a little sweater. She said I was an accomplished knitter; I begged to disagree, as I haven’t even finished a sweater (besides a BSJ) yet. Something begins bubbling in my mind. Do we tell a runner that he’s not a runner? It was a lovely, quiet, productive, engaging knit night. I came home and struggled with a blog post.

Wednesday night: St. Albert Knit Lits. I’m still allergic to something in the children’s corner of the SAPL. There were ten of us there, and so it was a great night, chatting with everyone. Got some positive comments on the podcast! Talked up the WiR, if any of them were thinking about doing any writing. More knitting done. Things keep percolating. I come up with a great idea for next podcast’s essay. A loud, boisterous, lovely, engaging knit night.

Thursday night: Found out just before the end of the work day that there are 36 people signed up for Sunday’s beginner knitting class. Mind begins to explode. Massage after work. Please don’t touch my pecs, even me. Only capable of sitting on the couch watching Downton Abbey. Only the Christmas episode left in Series 2. No knitting, writing, or anything.

But there are a couple of pieces of fantastic news. I worked on the Bayeux Tapestry a little bit, and it actually doesn’t take too long to do the outlining. And…

Mitten 8/8
Mitten 8/8

…half done the pattern on the last mitten. Should definitely be done this weekend.

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  • jen

    there seems to be a lot of intimidation in the writing world. people are afraid to call themselves writers because they feel it makes them seem like a fraud or they think it sounds pretentious or it makes them feel all this pressure to constantly “create.” i am guilty of the third charge! 🙂 and sometimes the second. it’s a scary thing to attempt to be proud of your work! makes a person feel all exposed and weird.

    blah, blah, blah. i think you are a very good writer and i look forward to post-stalking.

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