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Back on the radar

radar-screen-iconI dropped off the radar there, and I’m sorry about that. I think I need to stop making lofty plans of being productive, because inevitably things happen that completely negate any of them. I traveled two days early to spring Mike from the hospital in Calgary, then spent the last six days doing things besides knitting and spinning. He was mostly well enough today that we felt I could go home, leaving him to fend by himself and with the help of his cousins, and I’m back to work tomorrow.

As I said, very little in the way of knitting and spinning got done, though I’m convinced that I need a sunroom now. I brought down the Traddy, set it up in the sunroom at Mike’s aunt and uncle’s, finished off the first bobbin of random green wool, and started the second (didn’t get too much done on it, though). Oh, it was just a lovely, lovely place to sit and spin! And knit! I did finish one burp cloth and started a second. I didn’t do anything on the socks, or the sweater sleeves, or the sunflowers, or start the shawl or Terra booties, which I also brought along. I’m a little further in the reading on The Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs, but not done yet, nor did I start the other three books I brought along. And I didn’t do any homework. And I’m okay with that. It puts me behind, but homework and knitting was not what I needed to do this weekend. I needed to spend time with my fiance and my family, and I did that.

I’ll be attempting to eat gluten- and sugar-free this week to try to reset my body, which HATES ME RIGHT NOW with a passion. Anyone have any good recipes?

All the things I did and didn't get done.
All the things I did and didn’t get done.

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