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Knitting and spinning on the Sunshine Coast of BC

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The weekend was productive, but I’m not entirely sure where it went. Does that happen to anyone else?

Saturday was the knitting meet-up at the Enjoy Centre in St. Albert. This monthly excursion started last year around this time, and we all dearly love the greenery, warmth, and humidity of the greenhouse at this time of year. My knuckles have been splitting despite doing my best to keep them moisturized, and my respiratory system is longing for days of higher humidex again. I think the Vitamin D supplements I’ve been taking this year have helped as well, but we’re still under eight hours of daylight per day here in the north, and it’s certainly taken its toll.

There were a good ten of us at the meet-up this past weekend. I borrowed a 2.5 mm dpn from a friend (and promised I wouldn’t break it), and over the course of four hours, I finished the main chart for mitten 7/8.


Sunday, I finished the rest off, and set it and its previously knitted partner to block in the evening. They’re still wet, or I’d get a photo. I also got another start on my Level 2 homework, and spun 2.5 skeins: 100% llama, 100% kid mohair, and one singles of the 100% alpaca. I decided to start with Module C1, as there is absolutely no writing involved in that one. I just need to make up a spreadsheet to record blend percentages and all the other relevant skein information when I get to that. Once the mittens were out of the wash water, I threw the two completed skeins and the skein for Module E1 (sweater calculations) in the water, and they’re drying now as well. I may have to respin the sweater skein. I’m not happy with the evenness.

Over the weekend, I also tried out some recording for the podcast. The software works fine, and so does the microphone on my headset, but the joint on the earpiece creaks when I talk, and that’s recorded, so that was out. So today, I borrowed some hardware from work.

BTF Recording Studio (take one)
BTF Recording Studio (take one)

Works pretty good. Just need to record the other segments, and then I’ll play this weekend at stitching them all together. Should be fun!

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