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I jinxed it

Today, I reached the half-way point in the main chart for Christmas mitten 7/8, and tweeted a picture, complete with a comment that basically said perhaps the interminable mittens weren’t so interminable after all. Naturally, that was a mistake.

Just when things are going well...
Just when things are going well…

I had some time to wait before my biweekly massage tonight, so I brought the mittens in to get in a few more rows. I was happily knitting along, heading downhill through the chart for the second last time, and just as I’d reached the end of the second row and was pulling down the work just a little, SNAP.

It was shocking, and I think I said something out loud. I’ve never had a needle break on me, though I expect it won’t be the last time. The broken tip was in my hand, three stitches had dropped off, and I had the sinking realization that I don’t think I have another set of 2.5 mm dpns at home. I sat there for probably ten seconds, but then rescued the stitches, packed it away, and took out my spindle for the last five minutes.

I need to go downstairs and see if I have something, anything, in 2.5 mm so I can continue the mittens. But this time, I won’t dare the universe to prove me wrong.

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  • Karen

    I’d offer to send you one, but it’s a lot faster to go out to the store! Even your mittens are against you finishing them so you can get to the pretty projects! That’s not a good sign :-/

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