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Not just a delay

What I have spent the past four days doing...
What I have spent the past four days doing…
There was supposed to have been an episode this past Sunday. In it, I was supposed to tell you that I got my final project finished over our big AGM, and that I was well on my way to finishing up the other skeins left in my workbook. Heck, I was even supposed to have made some progress on the Tapestry, after not finishing it by Thanksgiving.

Remember that little tiny cold I had the last episode? It turned into some kind of monsterous VIRUS FROM THE SEVENTH CIRCLE OF PURGATORY or some such. And because I had to work the AGM, including two late nights, I used up all the energy in my little daily box for daily things, leaving nothing for my immune system to fight off the Vft7CoP.

There are things that a podcaster can come back from, even nasty viruses. But I completely lost my voice. No word of a lie. Making myself understood was a challenge. When I stopped off at Mike’s work Saturday to get the Vft7CoP checked in case I needed antibiotics, his partner said I sounded like a pubescent boy. Now that my voice is back, more than a little bit of talking sets me off in a coughing jag that I don’t need to inflict on anyone through earbuds or car speakers.

I’ve spent four days in bed, only leaving it for the things I absolutely could not reschedule or health appointments. I didn’t even shower on Tuesday; couldn’t find the energy. I didn’t even get bored until a day ago, and even then I was only a little bit bored, not enough to do anything about it. I was sick. Like, SICK.

And now here we are on Thursday, and I could try to do a make-up episode, but I’m not going to. Why? Because while I did get the weaving and fringe done on my final project, I still need to wash and finish it, and there are still five or so skeins of Level 3 looming over my head, and four days in bed has put me way, WAY behind where I wanted to be right now. I love you guys, but homework trumps podcast this week. The three hours I would spend putting the podcast together could have me spinning two more skeins, and while I don’t think I’m in danger of failing, the fewer empty holes in my workbook, the better I’ll feel about the whole darned thing.

There’s a first time for everything, and I made it almost two years before I cancelled an episode. I’d say that’s a pretty good run.

And now, “Thank you for listening to this cancelled episode. By the Fibreside is a biweekly podcast, and I look forward to bringing you Episode 47 on November 2, 2014. There are no shownotes for this episode, but you can see pretty pictures of my final project on Facebook or give me heck for cancelling this one on Ravelry. If you need to get in touch with me directly, well, I’m not answering emails until after my workbook has been handed in, but you can still reach out. Thanks again for listening! This is By the Fibreside.”

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