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Wave Maiden kit from Raventwist.
Wave Maiden kit from Raventwist.
Somehow for Christmas, I received three project kits: two shawls and a cowl. I’d only anticipated one (the one I’d ordered for myself from the other half), but over the course of Christmas, I chose two more as presents from someone else. Naturally, since I chose all three, I want to knit all three right now.

Today I entered all the yarn that’s been piling up into my stash on Ravelry, including the yarn for those three kits. Then I put them all back in their nice little bags, and they’re sitting on the couch, singing their siren songs. “I’m pretty! You know you want to work on me. You got that swift for Christmas too; it wouldn’t take long to ball me up and get started. The nostepinne isn’t even downstairs put away yet! Come on, you know you want to.”

I’m not done Christmas knitting. I have the seventh and eighth rendition of the same stranded mitten pattern to do before I can truly call myself finished. I have a sweater that’s been on the needles since 2009 where I’m almost done the sleeves, and then it’s just seaming and the button band and collar. I have a shawl that I started just before the Christmas rush that I’m dying to work on, a sock that’s just in garter stitch where I need to finagle a fix for the just-too-short-magic-loop, not to mention my spinning homework, and I DO NOT need to cast on two shawls and a cowl right now!

The problem is that since they’re sitting there being all pretty and coy, I’m paralyzed. I knit about an hour on the mittens today, but I haven’t knit the last two days, because I itch to cast on my new pretties. I should just give in to the temptation, get it out of my system, but then the problem becomes… which one? I really shouldn’t cast on all three!

I must be strong. Yarn will never get the better of me. I will finish the mittens and the sweater first.

But maybe I’ll just go pet the new yarn one more time…

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  • Rae

    Bad Ness! Go and find a nice home for those projects, out of every day view. I know those mittens are a pain to get through, but you promised them to people, and if it stops snowing by the time they’re done, they won’t be very useful! Maybe make a deal with the new yarn that you can wind it up when you finish one mitten, and cast on when you finish both 🙂

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