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By The Fibreside

Knitting and spinning on the Sunshine Coast of BC

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MSL2 Module D1 – Hand Spindles

Homepage for the Arbeitsgruppe Bekleidung Textile Techniken at the University of Innsbruck – There’s a lot of great information on this site. The Short Spindle Typography has photos and short descriptions of spindles from various countries, as well as distaffs. The Flea Market Treasures is a collection of photos of fibre processing tools from the 1700s and 1800s. Fascinating! It’s worth digging around within the site, as there are a lot of nuggets of interesting information there.

MSL2 Module D2 – Wheel Mechanics

Traditional & Folk Songs – Lyrics – This is a great site for mostly English-language folk songs. Try searching spinning wheel, spindle, spin, or anything else that suits your fancy!

Story List – work in progress!

  • Andrew Lang’s Colour Fairy Books (will provide itemized list later on)
  • San Souci, Terrifying Taste of Short and Shivery – spindle as instrument of death
  • Spindle, Shuttle, and Needle from the Brothers Grimm
  • Sleeping Beauty and variants, from Grimm, Perrault, and others
  • Mother Holle from the Brothers Grimm
  • Princess Furball by Huck (spinning wheel one of the tokens in king’s food)
  • East of Sun, West of Moon – Norway
  • Lazy wife stories – Grimm and/or German
  • The origins of the blue willow plate pattern (Pilling, Realms of Gold 57-61)
  • Rumplestiltskin, Tom Tit Tom, Duffy and the Devil, Mollyndroat, Mimi Pinson, etc
  • The Three Spinners from Grimm, or Norway – DeSpain Twenty-Two Splendid Tales to Tell from Around the World V. 2 63-67, or England – Briggs British Folktales 43-49 (similar tales)
  • Story of Chuc Nu/Chingnyo and Ngau Lang/Kyonu, China, or Phra In’s niece, Thailand (Vathanaprida Thai Tales 105-108)
  • Origin of spinning, Peru/Inca – Delacre Golden Tales 55-57
  • Enchanted Cow, Chile – Pino-Saavedra Folktales of Chile 89-99
  • Forest Bride, Finland – Forest Wonder Tales from Around the World 101-107