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So how did I do?

I still have one more day of my nine-day break, but since tomorrow’s post will be a podcast episode, now is the time to reflect on how I did on my list.

I did get a lot of resting done. This is good, because the stress level around here picked up again mid-week (more about that in the podcast tomorrow), so I spent quite a bit of time recharging my batteries. I read a little bit, played some Warcraft, tidied, ate chocolate, and knit.

The two main projects on the go.
The two main projects on the go.

Wavemaiden progresses, and I think I’m within a couple of repeats of starting the border (I’ll have to count to make sure). The Spats are ready for their heels. I didn’t get to anything else, but I’ve been enjoying these, so I don’t figure there’s anything wrong with continuing to work on them.

The week off has been an absolute boon to the homework, though. I’m finished my colour wheel, which was a lot of blending but a lot of fun.

Final presentation of colour wheel.
Final presentation of colour wheel.

I also washed the Corriedale (among others) and combed and spun a skein of it today, and am now ready to start the other blends. I also carded up six merino rolags for the woolen-spun module, a few of which are just for practice because it’s been a while since I spun true-woolen. And I started getting everything together in the binder for its final presentation.

Level 2 in progress!
Level 2 in progress!

I had this crazy idea that film negative sheets might work to hold the skeins of yarn, because we’re not to twist them when we put them in the workbook. So I went to McBain and got some (way too many, as it now turns out; I might need 10 for Level 2, and that’s a big might). The skeins need to be folded in thirds, and I need the crochet hook to get them in there, so I’ll include that when I turn my book in for marking, but otherwise it works like a charm. There’s a file pocket on the left side where the larger items will go, like the colour wheel, swatches, and the final project, and then on the front of the zippered binder is another pocket where I’ll put all the written work in a folder or duotang. I think I like this configuration better than the file box I used for Level 1, but I’m still playing with where bits and pieces are going to go.

In non-fibre news, our new treadmill was delivered yesterday, so hooray for that! It fits nicely in the library, as we’d thought it would, and I should still be able to look out the window as I walk.

All set up and ready to go!
All set up and ready to go!

My legs are full of tiny holes, but my feet and ankles feel better, despite that being one of the more interesting acupuncture treatments I’ve ever had. The podcast is half-recorded (I’m holding off on By the Wayside because I haven’t worked on the tapestry yet these two weeks, and I’m feeling guilty), and that should be ready midday tomorrow.

The library is not purged, I didn’t do any weaving, and the driveway is still ugly. But I’m not going to let that get me down. Because really, when you look at the list of what I did get done, I had an awesome week.

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