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What happens at knitting group…

Today was the monthly gathering at the Enjoy Centre for good local food, excellent warm drinks, humidity and greenery, really excellent company, and knitting. I worked on Wave Maiden for most of the three hours I was there, and made quite a bit of progress. It’s fairly simple lace, and I didn’t have too many issues keeping track of the pattern. I was pretty pleased with how I much was able to knit on it. That is, until I was about to pack up to leave, and spread the shawl out to take a look.

Can you see it?
Can you see it?

Something wasn’t right. I looked closer. Oh dear.

Can you see them now?
Can you see it now?

Two extra yarn overs. Damn.

They might pass the galloping horse test, but they’re going to bother me, so I’m going to have to tear back most of what I knit this afternoon. Which on the one hand is annoying, but on the other, this yarn is so delicious and the pattern so lovely that I really don’t mind too much. But that’ll be for another day.

Ocean Spats
Ocean Spats

Tonight is for 2×2 rib. I want to get to the spats part. And tomorrow is for homework.

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