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BTF Episode 34: George

BTF 034: George
BTF 034: George

In which I miss our houseplant George, make a couple of ten-yard skeins for Master Spinner Level 3, do sweater calculations for Level 2, work on the sweater and start a colourwork hat, announce the winners of last episode’s Side Bet contest, and start filling in the shields in the Tapestry. Thanks for listening!


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Fibre Week

  1. Start with a set weight of raw fibre. 100 g is a good round number. Wash the fibre and let it dry. Weigh it again. Calculate the ratio of fibre left (weight washed/weight raw).
  2. Prepare all your washed fibre. Weigh the prepared fibre. Calculate the ratio of fibre left (weight prepared/weight washed).
  3. Spin and ply a sample. Time how long it takes you and note it down. Finish the skein. Measure the length of the skein and weigh it. Calculate metres per gram (# metres in skein/weight of skein).
  4. Knit a swatch for your pattern. Block the swatch. Measure the swatch and weigh it. Calculate how much yarn you used for your swatch (weight of swatch X m/g calculated above). Calculate the surface area of your swatch (length X height).
  5. Approximate the surface area of your pattern. Pretend everything is rectangles to make it easier. Calculate how many swatches it would take to make up the surface area of your pattern (total surface area/surface area of swatch). Calculate the amount of yarn needed for that number of swatches (# of swatches X yarn used for swatch calculated above).
  6. Calculate the amount of prepared fibre required (# of swatches x weight of swatch).
  7. Calculate the amount of washed fibre required (prepared fibre required/ratio of prepared to washed fibre in step 2).
  8. Calculate the amount of raw fibre required (washed fibre required/ratio of washed to raw fibre in step 1).
  9. BONUS: Calculate the time required to spin all the yarn ((total yarn required/length of sample skein) X number of minutes to spin sample skein).

Fibre Notes

Notion Box

  • Congratulations to the winners: stitchingmaniac and frkstrik! Email me or PM me on Ravelry with your address and I’ll get your prize out to you!

By The Wayside

Progress on the Bayeux Tapestry as at Apr. 21, 2014
Progress on the Bayeux Tapestry as at Apr. 21, 2014

1 comment on BTF Episode 34: George

  • M&D

    George sends his love 🙂 He misses you but wants you to know he was happily reunited with his mother, and he is looking forward to settling down in his new pot.

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