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Catching up

Well, I certainly had a week. I remember when I first moved out on my own, into my little apartment, and was well and truly responsible for my own schedule at all times. Some weeks, it felt like the only time I saw my little apartment was when I came home to sleep. That’s what last week felt like. A plethora of appointments, and not much time at home to do more than cook a meal (if I was lucky), and suddenly it’s Sunday, and I feel I should catch you up to date.

I got my extension from Olds College, and I also got permission to use spindles if necessary for the homework, so that’s a weight off my mind. My legs are feeling better, but every once in a while I’ll step wrong, or something in the way I’m sitting will make them twinge at me, so I know I’m not close to being recovered quite yet. That’s okay. I’ll take the time I need to take.

Friday night, my camera went off on its own and caught some knitty sneakiness on film. What my camera was doing there, I have NO IDEA. But it captured Knitmonton in action! From start to finish, it was 20 minutes to install a new garden for this Alzheimer’s centre in Edmonton. My camera tells me that there were libations and snacks before and after, and that it was a lovely night. It definitely wants to do it again soon! Photos below, and more daylight pictures over at Knitmonton.

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