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Done list

For this weekend, rather than a to-do list, I’ve decided to make a ‘Done’ list. I can never cross everything off a to-do list, because I usually underestimate the time it’s going to take, and overestimate my energy levels. But I can categorically say that everything on my Done list is done!

  1. Laundry. Always a very important thing to have on your weekend Done list. 🙂
  2. The 100% alpaca skein for my homework.
  3. A book. In fact, the book that’s been distracting me from knitting on the mittens at work, so this is a good thing. I hope to review it for Episode 2, but I’m asking the author for permission first.
  4. The essay for Episode 2. Just need to record it!
  5. Detangling project for a friend. This might require some explanation. I’m one of those crazy people that enjoys untangling yarn. It’s so restful! There’s nothing like it, even knitting and spinning. So when I saw a friend having trouble with a skein of Malabrigo Lace on Wednesday, I offered to take it home and wrangle it for her. The thing with Mal Lace is that it is a lovely, softly spun merino singles yarn, and if you look at it the wrong way, it’ll felt in the skein. That was really what was wrong with this particular skein, though there were some bits that were mixed up. Really, I was just looking for an excuse to play with Max the Swift again, and I’m not at a point where I need to wind more yarn. So Max and I spent about 45 minutes dealing with this slightly felted, slightly tangled skein, and that was brilliant.
  6. Max the Swift in business
    Max the Swift in business
  7. Series 2 of Downton Abbey. Hopefully we can get caught up on Series 3 before the finale in February, because a friend is having a Downton Abbey knitting/finale party that I want to go to!
  8. The learn-to-knit class at the Library. What a wonderful day. I hope the students enjoyed it. We were six teachers to 29 students. It was still a higher ratio than I really like, but I think it went okay. If all 38 people who had signed up had been there, I don’t think it would have been nearly as good. Everyone did really well, as you can see in the pictures below, and I hope we see some of them on Wednesday nights, so they can keep going!
The beginners' knitting. Great job, everyone!
The beginners’ knitting. Great job, everyone!

A few things didn’t quite make it to the Done list, like grocery shopping, sweater calculations, and the last mitten, but those are on course for early this week, and that, I think, is a pretty good tally for one weekend.

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  • M&D

    Your Farmor *loved* untangling yarn. You don’t have it from any strangers. Great idea with a “Done” list rather than “To Do” list! Makes you feel good to see all you have accomplished.

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