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Episode 7: When You’re Family

BTF 007: When You're Family
BTF 007: When You’re Family

In which I talk about family, make a whole bunch of excuses, talk about nature dying, list my very easy current projects, and bring you up to date on the Bayeux tapestry project. It’s a short one this time! Thanks for listening!


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Bayeux Tapestry as of 24 Mar. 2013
Bayeux Tapestry as of 24 Mar. 2013 (hasn’t changed. Again. /sigh)

2 comments on Episode 7: When You’re Family

  • Sheila

    Just listened now…. I’m so behind too. =) Laemmer looks very cute in the booties and beret. Loved the idea of a koolaid dye all of a sudden becoming clear! Makes you wonder about the chemical nature of it, that it could do that…

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