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I could talk about the last 24 hours, but mentally it’s a little more than I can handle right now. Not to worry, everything is fine in the grand scheme of things. But suffice it to say, I need sleep, a shower, a regular eating schedule, and a bit more brain power, preferably in that order, and then I can get started truly figuring out the changes, however slight, that need to happen to our lifestlye. But I’ve never been more thankful that I know how to spindle, or that I carry a travel spindle project at all times, than I was for 13 hours yesterday.

I figured it would take me six months...
I figured it would take me six months…

I have a spindleful of this spun up already, and I had barely started the second half of this fibre before yesterday, and now I’m almost done. I carted Wave Maiden around, but in the end it was just better to have the bag for additional storage of mittens, scarves, vegetables and clothing than to actually have a knitting project. Even though it’s easy lace, I knew I would mess it up if I tried to knit. But I could spin. And spin I did. If I hadn’t had something to do, yesterday would have probably been much more mentally draining than it already was.

I’m trying to make it to 9 pm to get back on a somewhat normal sleep schedule, and so I decided it was time for a new pair of socks.

Max the Swift in action again!
Max the Swift in action again!

When I went stash-digging for a variegated yarn to make the new Spats Socks by Kate Poe, I found this and thought that it was time this yarn was redeemed. I knit my first, very ill-fated pair of socks from this yarn. Between tension issues, differences between DPNs and circs, and the fact there was no gusset, I learned a lot from these socks, but they really just weren’t good for me. So the yarn has been sitting – frogged, skeined, and washed – waiting for a new project. So here we go.

Ready, set...
Ready, set…

Yarn is Artyarns Ultramerino4, non-superwash, no nylon, so thankfully these are cuff-down socks, and I’ll be able to figure out heel and sole reinforcement when my brain is actually functioning in a few days. I can’t wait to have ocean-coloured spats. 🙂

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