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A day to be inspired

Mike has just left, wrapping up a crazy week of figuring out what to pack, laundry, and errands, and I’m feeling a little sorry for myself tonight. But rather than bore you with that, I’d like to share a couple of things I discovered today in my interwebs travels. I found them both quite inspiring.

The first is a Ted Talk by Amanda Palmer, who I’ve never heard of until today, but who I now feel the need to look up and listen to her music. She talks about the power of connection and the art of asking, and what she says in her talk really struck a chord with me. When she talked about trusting the people ‘out there’ to catch her, I realized that I’m doing the same thing. Not in quite the same fashion, since I don’t sing or crowd-surf or such, but each time I post or tweet or put up an episode, I am reaching out and offering to all of you something: “This is me. Who are you?” Right now, the connection is a bit one-sided; I know that my first episode has been listened to over 300 times, my latest over 100. It warms me that so many of you out there share your time with me, and that you find what I have to say at least somewhat interesting, but I really wish sometimes that I knew who you all were. 🙂 Each post, each episode, is a step off the stage for me, an expression of trust that you’re out there to catch me. Anyway, I really enjoyed the talk, and I hope you do too.

The second thing that inspired me today was Earth Hour’s campaign I Will if You Will. It got me thinking of the power of individual actions, and who can’t get behind something that Pocoyo got behind too? It made me seriously consider what I could possibly do that might inspire people to change their habits (I’d probably choose the reuseable bag ‘You Will’, as that’s something I can totally get behind). I’ll have to give it some thought, but if you have any ideas, maybe you can leave them in the comments. See what I did there? 🙂

Tomorrow is Enjoy Centre knitting, and Mike has asked for a wake-up phone call at 7 am, so I’ll have some time to get a bit of spinning done beforehand. This first week will be the hardest, I think, but I have friends, fibre, and all these virtual connections, anonymous or otherwise, to keep me going.

3 comments on A day to be inspired

  • Karen

    You know me already, but your comments section was lonely! Right now I’m procrastinating sewing so I can type this. /sigh this dress is never going to get done, or the endless burp clothes, or the shawl, or our KAL… I need to get rich quick.

    • Ness

      I know, I look around at all the things I have started, and they never seem to end! Though I did start the edging on Wave Maiden yesterday, so that’s a hopeful sign…

  • Mom

    Although we come from two different worlds, I found Amanda Palmer said some things that anyone can identify with. I enjoyed listening to her.

    A couple of weeks ago the Grade 2s asked the whole school to participate in “one hour, no power.” So for one hour on a Friday afternoon, we turned the computers off, the lights were turned off, and anything else that used electricity was shut off, as long as it was safe to do so (we kept the fridge going). It was very peaceful, and no one lacked for anything to do. I weeded books in the fiction section… I am lucky to have a lot of natural light coming into the library and so didn’t miss the electric light for that task.

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