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Because I can’t live my life by the seat of my pants

My vacation was approved, so here I sit this morning looking forward at nine days of freedom to do what I want and what I need to do. I have a lot of things I want to accomplish, and even though nine days seems like a lot, I don’t want to reach the end of it and go, “Well, I totally wasted THOSE vacation days.” So if I write down a list of things and put it here on the blog, then at least I can know how far I did get once we reach next Sunday night. So, without further ado, here is a plan of sorts.

Wash wool I didn’t get all the washing done I needed to for Master Spinner in the summer, and I’ve just checked the forecast. If I want to have anything dry outside, today is the day. So immediately following my shower, I’m going to get started on the ‘must wash’ pile.

This isn't everything that needs cleaning either.
This isn’t everything that needs cleaning either.

At the very least, the Corriedale from class needs to be washed, so I can spin the skein of medium-grade yarn for C1, and use it for the other blending needed. The rest will be awesome to have on hand for blending. There’s still a bunch of raw left from Level 1 that needs to be on my radar too, just to get it cleaned up before it goes rancid. I’ll be keeping an eye out for above-freezing, sunny weekend days going forward.

Homework I want to get a lot of homework done. I’m going to do a lot of spinning here up until Thursday, and then play it by ear. Because…

Fix my legs I have an acupuncture appointment Thursday morning to try and fix the soft-tissue issues I’ve been fighting in my legs and ankles for six months now. On the off-chance that they complain bitterly about treadling after that for a little bit, I’ve got a bunch of spinning books to read for the book review section of my homework, so I’m all planned ahead. 🙂

Purge the library The plan for this long weekend has always been to purge the library. I don’t have any more shelf space, books are piling up in front of books, and it’s time for a cull.

And there's still two more bookcases out in the hall in the same state...
And there’s still two more bookcases out in the hall in the same state…

If I have some shelf space by the end of it, I’ll be happy. But this room needs some more work because…

Look at buying a treadmill Mike and I are going out today to see about purchasing a treadmill. I know I’ll use it, and Mike needs a safe, easy way to get a bit more active. We’ve been talking about it for a while, and the latest health issues have just pushed it to the top of the priority list. However, there are only two places a treadmill can go in our house: the guest room, which is not ideal, and right here:

Where the treadmill will likely be.
Where the treadmill will likely be.

Right where I’ve got my loom set up. So I may get some work done on this project, or the loom and the chair may just move into the guest room for the interim, until we figure out the best configuration of everything. I don’t want to fold the loom down with the project still on it, so either way, I’m going to be doing some weaving this week.

The Driveway It’s almost getting to be spring, but ugh, I really do have to get that driveway cleared again. It’s just in a bad place, and with the melt/freeze cycle we’ve been in, it’s slick to walk up and down. So yes, out there with the chipper and the shovel at least once a day.

You can't see the "half" on the other side of the house...
You can’t see the “half” on the other side of the house…

Next house? Definitely looking for a much shorter driveway…

Podcast There’s an episode due next Sunday, and I’ve lined up an interview with a local designer, so I need to go out and do that, and then put all the other pieces together as well.

Bits and bobs I want to do some tidying around the house, some knitting, working on the tapestry, cleaning up downstairs, finishing the first half of the Traddy project, and a few other little things that have been on the list for a while but never quite make it to the top. I also have to send out my swap package, but it’s almost done, so that should be easy to cross off the list. 🙂

Almost done this half!
Almost done this half!

REST But perhaps the most important thing I can do for myself in the next nine days, quite apart from the absolutely massive list that precedes this point, is rest. I know I’m not going to get everything on this list done. I know that. And the whole reason for taking this break (apart from the homework) is because I was so completely, utterly exhausted. So resting, whether that’s knitting or spinning or reading or sleeping in and taking an afternoon nap EVERY DAY, is going to be very important. This is my time to recharge, as well as being productive. And I’m going to take it.

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  • Karen

    Rest should probably be at the top of your list! As soon as they figure out what’s going on around here for time off, I may do something similar and just take a week off to get stuff done – dumping A off at MIL’s for a while so I can actually clean without a tornado behind me! For now, I’ll just have to sit at work being jealous of your productivity. 🙂 And all your fibre!

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