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Episode delay

I don’t like delaying episodes. It’s a point of pride for me that I tell my listeners when they can expect the next episode, and that I stick to it. Yes, sometimes there’s a day or two delay, but life happens, and I do try to stick pretty close to that schedule.

Which is a short way of saying, this episode will be late. And it will be later than I’d otherwise like, as in, probably next weekend. I had an amazing day yesterday at Operation Gussy-Up with Knitmonton, which was four hours out in the sun. I over-dressed. I had no hat. I thought I drank enough water, but apparently not. So I’d planned to record the episode tonight, but I did not plan on staying home ill with a touch of heat exhaustion.

I may not have an official diagnosis of anything that’s wrong with me, but I do have chronic health issues, and I’ve been riding the line in terms of my energy levels for a while. Today, I am out of spoons. It took a bit of sun to make me take the day, but I slept, rested on the couch, and I’ve made myself cook a pot of pasta sauce which will last me for meals for several days. But that’s all I’ve got. It’s another hot day today, and even though that’s quite honestly all I’ve done today, that’s all I can do. If I get the grocery list made and rice cooked for breakfast before I go to bed, I’ll count myself lucky.

I hate it, to be honest, and it doesn’t sit well with my work ethic, and OMG HOMEWORK, but I have to accept that I have nothing left. So I will beg your indulgence, and put out episodes probably pretty close to back-to-back weeks. On the up side, I do actually have quite a bit to tell you about homework and the tapestry, and hopefully there’ll be a lot more to tell in the next few days.

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