Thursday, 25 July, 2024

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Short post today. I chased the dying sunlight when I got home to get a photo of my socks in progress, because I’m just in love with the way they’re turning out.

Oh, variegated yarns...
Oh, variegated yarns…

Hand-dyed, variegated yarns can be problematic, and what I have are definitely going to be fraternal socks. But I just love them. The deep spirals on the one, the almost striped pattern on the other, it just makes me smile every time I work on them. Even when I was working on them at one in the morning in the hospital waiting room, at least until I stopped being able to count to two… I just need to figure out how long I want to make the legs, because I usually do my socks toe-up, so this is a new process for me. I’m thinking a couple more inches.

In other news, I have nothing pre-recorded or sketched out for this week’s podcast, so Saturday and Sunday will be a frenetic drive to get everything done so I can publish by Sunday night. Wish me luck!

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