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Like riding a bicycle. Or knitting.

And so ends the first week of living alone again. In a lot of ways, I’ve settled again into the habits and routines I had a decade ago, albeit that now I go to knitting instead of fencing, and there doesn’t seem to be as much driving about, but that could just be perspective. Some things are still settling, like the cooking routine. I had an epic meal fail on Monday, but since then things have at least turned out tasty, and there’s been PLENTY of leftovers! The house is quiet, and I’m looking forward to my dad’s visit in just over a week to bring a bit of life-besides-me back into the house.

What has not materialized, and I did sort of expect this to happen, is any free time. The tapestry still languishes, though I plan to work on it tomorrow, and I haven’t had too much time for working on anything. I do have heels on socks, though.

Heels, but not completed gussets.
Heels, but not completed gussets.

The gussets are going slowly; I only seem to have time to do one row per break, but hopefully I can get there soon. Wave Maiden still has less than half of an edge, though it is getting closer.

One stitch dealt with every two rows...
One stitch dealt with every two rows…

It’s coming, but slowly. And yesterday I also started these.


Can you guess? They’re sunflowers. Eventually. I’m crocheting a few up for Knitmonton’s next yarnbomb, which I know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT…


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