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Thoughts on progress

I survived the first weekend intact, and even made a good bit of progress on a few things. At Enjoy Centre knitting on Saturday, I finished plying the travel project.

A spindle and chai; is there anything better?
A spindle and chai; is there anything better?

It just needed a bath (which happened Sunday), and now I can figure out yardage and come up with a project. I also started the knit-on edge of Wave Maiden.

I can't wait to block this.
I can’t wait to block this.

Since it’s one body stitch for every two rows of 19 stitches, I’m going to be at this a while, but it’s getting close to finished! I’m already thinking about the next project to cast on. Bad Ness! Sweater first…

For homework I spun up a really crappy woolen skein, then carded up four more rolags and spun up one that I think might have 11 passable yards in it. What I’ve learned is that I need to practice spinning woolen more often. I didn’t do perfect woolen finishing, but I manhandled them a bit, so hopefully they’re fulled up nicely. The Corriedale from last weekend also got its bath, and so did the travel project.

I swear you get a picture like this every week... Hope it's not too boring.
I swear you get a picture like this every week… Hope it’s not too boring.

Today’s project is figuring out the socks. I’m picking up the gussets, and I’m having trouble getting my head around how to make it go on the needles… It’s messy. But I had to throw out another pair of socks, so I’m down to six pairs I can wear in winter weather, and that’s just not enough.

I need to rewind those balls of yarn too... They're starting to fall apart.
I need to rewind those balls of yarn too… They’re starting to fall apart.

It feels productive, and it feels like I’m making progress, which is not a bad thing. The rest of the week is going to be spent relearning things like scheduling my life around cooking dinner (or scheduling cooking dinner around my life), and chipping slowly away at the things that need chipping (no, not the driveway… 🙂 ).

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  • Karen

    I’m jealous of all you’ve accomplished! Now to just make it through the work week, and you’ll have made it through an entire week!

    I’ll try to remember to make sure you’ve eaten, which ever way you decide to schedule it! I recommend #2, only if you plan ahead what you’re going to make. Otherwise it ends up being whatever you can grab quickly.

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