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Vicarious vacation

My parents returned from Scotland and Denmark last week, and through the magic of digital photography, I was able to have a mini-virtual-vacation with them. Or maybe it’s fairer to say that they know how fibre-obsessed I am, and took photos that they knew I would enjoy. I’m really looking forward to going down in a few weeks to see all the rest! But in the meantime, why don’t we just go on a bit of a fibre break. First up, Scottish sheep!

"What're you doing there, silly tourists?"
“What’re you doing there, silly tourists?”

I know these guys. Scottish Blackface, unless I miss my guess. Bane of my Level 1 existence, but hardy and ideally suited to the climate and forage available. But so adorable!

"Food is more important than picture-taking tourists."
“Food is more important than picture-taking tourists.”

I think there are two breeds in this picture. A quick flip through The Bible makes me think the littler ones with black faces are some kind of Down breed, and the larger ones with the bare white faces are Cheviot. Any thoughts from the Interweb? I’ll bring the book with me when we go to Calgary and see if I can make a better determination from more pictures. Yes, I am just looking for an excuse to look at sheep photos.

Next we traverse some salt water to the Danish island of Fanø, where my parents found yarn bombing and had to explain what it was to my aunt and uncle.

A pretty blue and orange railing.
A pretty blue and orange railing.

It’s an international phenomenon. Do we have a secret handshake or something? Err… We as in, you know, not me, ever. 😉

A chicken. On a drain pipe.
A chicken. On a drain pipe.

Danish yarn bombers? I salute your creativity and whimsy.

And finally…

Truly, truly beautiful.
Truly, truly beautiful.

This rather beat-up old girl belonged to Ingeborg Leonhard Andersen, who was my great-grandmother. I can’t possibly describe the feeling I got in my stomach knowing that across a continent and an ocean, there is a wheel with family history. My parents took a whole series of photos, so I can see where there’s damage and what might be needed to fix it. It looks like a double-drive wheel, missing a treadle, footman, and with a few significant cracks in various places, but with a little TLC, I can totally see her spinning again. Some year, I’ll get my hands on her, and she and I will make some beautiful yarn.

Well, that was a wonderful vacation! Now to move on to Phase 3 of the Homework Home Stretch.

3 comments on Vicarious vacation

  • M&D

    Glad you enjoyed the select few fibre pictures from our truly magical vacation 🙂 The full version is being worked on and should be ready for viewing when you come down.

  • Frazzlehead

    I think the black face sheep are probably Suffolk – one of the most common meat breeds.

    The wheel is FABULOUS … and the yarn bombed chicken is adorable!


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