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I think I'm in love... (Test skein on my new lace flyer before starting Master Spinner in-depth study. Queen of Sheeba merino/silk/gold sparkle from Camaj Fiber Arts - out of the Arabian Night Spinning Box) ... See MoreSee Less

Back when I was a new spinner, I always used to save my extra singles on toilet paper rolls. "I'll use this for something someday," I would think. "I hate to waste the effort." Well, naturally, I never did, and I've been carrying around these extra singles for over five years. So today I plied them into kitchen sink skeins. The Z-plied one is mostly BFL, but the S-plied one has everything from wool to cotton to silk. I still don't know what I'll use it for, but at least now it's yarn. ... See MoreSee Less

Today I sat down to do a custom order for my brother-in-law. At Fibre Week, he ordered a batt from A Curious Spin. "Primarily greens with some blue, bronze and copper undertones. Some gold tinsel if available. Weight and texture similar to sample. Some fuzziness is good. Smallest batt available. Err on the side of earthier colors rather than super bright." Andrea did an awesome job on the batt, so it was up to me to match some of my earlier spinning, as that was the yarn sample he had sent. I spent the whole time thinking, "Spin heavier than usual!" But in 1.5 hours, even with time spent doing laundry, I spun up about 35 yards that I hope will do. And now I know why people spin heavier yarns! It took no time at all! But now back to frog hair... ... See MoreSee Less

Level 5, done and dusted! ... See MoreSee Less

It's been about a month since I spun anything, so I decided to blow the rust of my skills before I started spinning TPI skeins. Tried something new; left it as a single by air-plying it. We'll see how it works when it's dry. ("The Sultan's Harem" Shetland wool from the Arabian Nights Spinning Box, wool dyed by Rock and String Creations, Kentucky, USA) ... See MoreSee Less

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