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So I cast on a pair of fingerless mitts for the spring, but no matter how tight I purl that first stitch, even with the needle behind, I have terrible ladders. What do you think? Tear back and try again with two circs, or keep going and try to even them out after? ... See MoreSee Less

I have cast on a palette cleansing pair of fingerless mittens, but I have ladders, three and a half of them, even though I've been really careful to tighten up. Do I keep going and try to fix them after, or start again, maybe with magic loop or two circs? The yarn isn't holding the tightening I'm doing at the start of each needle... ... See MoreSee Less

Pretty green hemp for warp! Six hours today to wind it, weigh it, calculate and dye. And I'll probably have to take a hair dryer to it in the morning if I'm going to warp the loom, but it's green and pretty, and I'm happy with it, ... See MoreSee Less

Well, there is is. All the hemp for my final project spun and plied. It was a marathon today, seven hours worth! I will skein and scour it tomorrow, and see if I have enough yardage for my original plan or need to adjust. ... See MoreSee Less

Three months in, taking stock of how my finish-two-cast-on-one resolution is going. Down to two FOs to block (not shown), five WIPs (right), and three projects kitted and gauge swatching but not started (left). I think it's working! ... See MoreSee Less

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