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BTF Episode 4: Decisions, Decisions

BTF 004: Decisions, Decisions
BTF 004: Decisions, Decisions

In which I contemplate decisions in knitting as metaphor for decisions in life, pat myself on the back for what I accomplished in my homework for Level 2, talk about sections of a fleece and the differences between them for Level 1, interview Edmonton knitting and crochet designer Jessie McKitrick, update listeners on my two current knitting projects, and bring you up to date, as it were, on the Bayeux tapestry project. Thanks for listening!


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Bayeux Tapestry as of 10 Feb. 2013
Bayeux Tapestry as of 10 Feb. 2013 – since it hasn’t changed any in the last two weeks…

3 comments on BTF Episode 4: Decisions, Decisions

  • Anne Howe

    You make a real good argument for real woollen garments . In Denmark they say there is no such thing as bad weather just wrong clothing. I do enjoy your podcast a lot and you have a lovely voice. I am accompanying your journey with spinning as I cannot physically manage to go spinning as in hospital . Like it a lot

    • Ness

      Hi Anne,

      That sounds exactly like something the Danes would say, and it’s not one of those that loses something in translation, like ‘bitten by a mad sewing needle!’ I hope you’re doing okay in the hospital, and I’m glad I can keep you company.


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