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I think I must be doing it wrong

So this weekend, I had a fit of tidying up here on the main floor of the house. As part of that, I laid all the WIPs out on the dining room table.

Great big pile of WIPs.
Great big pile of WIPs.

“Oh dear,” I thought to myself. “I think it’s time for a little project monogamy, because this is a little excessive.”

So I resolved to be project monogamous until said pile of WIPs is quite a bit smaller. Now, I’ll grant that there are some things in there that aren’t quick finishes (like the tapestry, upper right), and some things that can wait (like the Christmas ornaments, middle second from left), but some of the projects are close to completion, like the Spats (lower left) and the Spring cowl (next to the socks). So project monogamy was the plan!

I started by deciding to work on the burp cloths, because I just started the second colour, and they go so quickly. But I’d started the Level 3 dying yarn on a spindle (white Polworth commercial prep, Dragonfly Workshop rose spindle) when I was at work on Saturday, and so I thought, “Let’s test this theory of spinning more in a week on a spindle. I’ll leave it on the dining room table and spin when I have a couple minutes.” Then it snowed on Monday, so I brought the Spring cowl to work (so help me, positive thinking wasn’t quite enough). Then since it was in my bag, I decided to leave it there, but worked on the burp cloth at home before bed. Also I’m reading a book for my homework, which is really fascinating (will talk about it in the podcast). Then when I got home Monday, K had sent me a tangle present! So I was carrying it around like a pet, and one of the ends fell out (I swear, it just fell out!). So naturally I had to start winding that up, to keep from losing the end again.

Isn't it delicious? :D
Isn’t it delicious? 😀

So, so far this week, I’ve been monogamous to five different things, and it’s only Wednesday. I’m pretty sure I’m doing something wrong here…

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